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The popularity of the product depends on many factors: design, implementation, promotion and support. But we are convinced that any product should always be based on an effective solution to the current problems or needs of the consumer. In this case and assuming a correct implementation of the other factors, the product will have exceptional value for its customers, and working on it will bring satisfaction to the team of its creators.

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Game development

Success of a game directly depends not only on innovative technologies used when creating the product but also, primarily, on a creative approach to the development of the idea and to the formation of a mockup for the future game. It’s extremely important to reach a balance in the game itself and not to sacrifice a creative approach for the sake of modern technologies. That is precisely why we consider that a game product is always an infinite number of ideas and bold solutions, as well as up-to-date methods of creation of high quality online games.

Rocket Stars

Have you ever wondered what it’s like in space? Our 5 Starmallows are building a supersonic rocket to see it for themselves! With each Scatter Symbol, the rocket prepares for the Free Spin Game, where the road to space begins. The more Scatter Symbols the team gets, the further it goes into space and the bigger the Multiplier becomes! Play ‘Rocket Stars’ to become a Rocket Star and conquer space with our team of Starmallows!

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Nuke World

In our most explosive epic yet, we bring you Nuke World, a post-apocalyptic tale that is sure to get the pulses racing! With comic-book inspired characters each with their own radiation spawned superpowers doing battle, come with us on an immersive dive into an alternative future. A match-3, 7-reel slot with wilds, random events and bonus features galore, Nuke World is meticulously designed, fully-HD ready and developed with mobile gaming in mind. On our battlefield our main hero Captain Fox takes on his evil enemies: Rhino, Rooster, Chameleon and Armadillo, and with each victory bringing its own unique reward. Rack up enough wins, beat the game’s enemies and with each winning combination, players attain an additional set of unique bonuses and rewards when victorious, leaving them sure to come back for more. Set to be one of our most unmissable slots this year, we challenge you to join the battle!

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Surf Zone

Surf Zone is a slot with a built-in betting function, where the summer is endless, the waves are high, and exciting betting opportunities are waiting to be realised. Our 4 charismatic surfers, Anaru the penguin, Jess the parrot, Clint the seagull, and Liam the pelican are ready to ride the waves in the Surf Zone slot, and inviting you to bet on them to win the big surf-off! Thrill-seeking players can ride the multipliers, as well as a Double Wild symbol, Free Spins, and a gnarly soundtrack for the full surfing experience. Make the waves in the Surf Zone slot play for you!

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Midnight Show

Only today and only for you, Evoplay Entertainment is lifting the curtain for one of this year’s most anticipated circus performances. The title is Midnight Show, and the stage – our reels, full of magical symbols, surprises and special effects – will give players the chance to win big. Your hosts for the evening, Mr. Hokus and his glamorous assistant Annabel, invite you to take your seat – the show starts now!

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Jelly Boom

The team of 4 small jellies, Blu, Gree, Yel and Pi are inviting you to their sweet universe of wobbly delights! Both the characters and players can win coveted prizes by finding Fruits Symbols on the reels, with another thrilling boost coming from the generous Multipliers in the Free Spins Game. Join the world of Jelly Boom, where you’ll enjoy the chance to win big, experience stunning visual designs, and get to know our charismatic jellies.

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Totem Island

On a mysterious island, covered with dense jungle, lives an ancient gambling tribe. These islanders are far from the benefits of our modern world: they wear skirts made of palm leaves, honor ancient traditions, dance strange dances and even guard great treasures. The island is ruled by a great shaman with a caring disposition. He likes brave people and will happily share the wealth of the tribe with those who are willing to take a risk. This is what the Totem Island slot machine is. The exotic story and excellent graphics make it great entertainment for players from all around the world.

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Legends of Ra

Legends of Ancient Egypt are so extraordinary and miraculous that sometimes many people wish they could turn into brave explorers and set on a trip to find its pharaohs’ treasures. The slot Legends of Ra is an ideal means to realize this dream in an adventurous way. The majestic temples are impeccable in their visual appearances, filled with traditional Egyptian symbols and good humor – strange though it may seem. So we recommend that you get ready for a truly amusing and exciting game to play.

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Having heard once an unbelievable story of Robinson Crusoe, each of us pondered over what our life would be if we found ourselves on a desert island. Together with the “Robinson” slot, a gamer has got a chance not only to try his or her luck but also to personally experience all pluses and minuses of such an adventure. The virtual place where the conditions of human dwelling in the wild nature are reconstructed quite realistically and plausibly is one of the best products made by the leading soft developer in today’s market. A great deal of unusual, interesting, and unpredictable adventures is guaranteed.

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Flinging yourself into the Aeronauts game, you are, together with a moustached mechanic, to collect as many unique aircrafts as possible and to win the title of best pilot. Having taken in hand the control wheel, you begin travelling through the most incredible lands, and the ship deck becomes your home. The game machine style is designed in line with the best steampunk traditions: 3D graphics with animation, mind-blowing effects and inconceivable number of entrancing symbols. The game will become an excellent amusement both for beginners and experienced gamers.

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Gaming platform

One of the major areas of our Company’s activity is the provision of comprehensive cooperation between game producers, game web sites and end users. To unify, upscale and optimize such a high volume and multitask process, we have developed our own game platform. It can successfully cope with extremely high loads.

The basis for the platform is a modular architecture. Interconnection of various components is provided with the help of the core; the system bus is responsible for information and message transfer between the modules. The third element is the modules themselves: user management, statistics, content management, financial operations, partner program support, antifraud, business intelligence, content management panel and many other things.

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Payment processing

To perform financial operations, we use our own billing platform. It allows you to manage your finances in a full-featured way including their input, output, and transfer from one account to another, as well as to trace all of these processes due to detailed statistics and analytics.

Having adopted a state-of-the-art antifraud protection and a powerful back end, we’ve proved able to bring our system to a qualitatively new level. Its reliability is confirmed by full compliance to all PCI DSS standards. Flexibility of the platform allows it to successfully function in a linkage with the most well-known payment services of Europe and of the world, among them there are: Visa, MasterCard, LiqPay, Neteller, Bitcoin, Skrill and many others.

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Online marketing

One of the most important activity areas of our Company is Internet marketing. Thanks to a wide set of modern marketing tools, we provide our customers with successful promotion of their products and services.

Success of an advertising campaign depends on how efficiently it affects its target group. In the course of marketing researches, we collect input data, based on which we perform comprehensive planning and development of a promo campaign whereupon we implement it on the most appropriate advertisement sites. The maximum efficiency of campaigns is achieved due to use of our own solutions in the sphere of contextual (SEA) and mobile advertising, SMM, SEO and copywriting.

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Call center

Customer Support Service is a professional assistance rendered through online chats, feedback forms, and phone calls, due to which technical problems are promptly eliminated and full information support is provided. The main advantages of the Service are guaranteed promptness and efficiency of problem solving as well as a high level of process automation on all stages of interaction with a customer.

VIP Servicing provides immediate response and problem solution for the priority customers’ requests. Careful working over creation and improvement of confidential relations with a partner is an absolute priority for this Department. An individual approach for each customer is the main motto of our work with VIP partners.