Positive results from participation in the eCom21 forum

The second half of the XX century saw the beginning of the true monetary revolution. It was gathering speed slowly at first, but there is no stopping it now. Electronic money has become an important element of the world financial system. However the rapid development of electronic commerce gave rise to lots of questions and challenges. Many of them have been discussed at the conference eCom21 which was held in Riga on November 13-14, 2014.


This time eCom21 was attended by some 450 participants from 30 countries. The organizers managed to provide a rich and varied program. Reports have been given by representatives of leading international payment systems and banks. Among them, the most interesting speeches were those form such companies as VISA, CUP, Yandex.Money and Bitcoin.

Within the framework of the forum, representatives of Evoplay took part in discussing the following relevant topics:

Participation in the forum was very useful for our company. The informal atmosphere promoted productive communication with our current partners (Qiwi, Yandex.Money, Neteller, Economy), and holding effective negotiations with representatives of such banks as Reitumum, BIB and PastaBank, with which agreements of partnership are planned for signing in the nearest future.

Thus, attending the conference eCom21 will bring us great dividends in the nearest future. The forum is now among the largest in the Eastern Europe, and the latest tendencies indicate further growth in its popularity. That is why Evoplay will certainly not disregard the next conference.