The conference Inside Bitcoin: Modern realities and prospects of the Bitcoin crypto currency

The conference Inside Bitcoin held on September 15-16, 2014 in London was dedicated to the present-day reality and prospects for development of the crypto currency Bitcoin. At the moment, bitcoins produce controversial reactions in the business community and financial circles, but their potential cannot be underestimated. In spite of the fact that the conference has been held for the first time, it was attended by bitcoin enthusiasts from over 15 countries as well as representatives of banks and business interested in further development of the crypto currency.


The conference covered all main questions about Bitcoin. Two of the information panels deserve to be mentioned specifically. The first one examined legal aspects and discussed tendencies and most probable variants of development for bitcoin market regulation, as well as peculiarities of working with the Bitcoin-related companies.

The second panel laid the main emphasis on the topic of “Bitcoins as a method of payment”. It touched the issues of popularizing bitcoins as a method of payment, with consideration of user peculiarities in different countries.

In general, participation in the conference Inside Bitcoin appeared to very useful for Evoplay. In its informal atmosphere we managed to discuss principles of building companies, business patterns and peculiarities of exchanging crypto currency with other interested participants of the forum. Among them, we would like to note coinsimple.com, bitpay.com, btc.sx and cryptopay.me.

In the nearest future it is planned to hold new suchlike conferences in such cities as Berlin, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Melbourne, New York, Seoul and Singapore. This direction remains to be of high priority for Evoplay. That is why we will certainly take advantage of visiting similar events in other large cities.