Conference HighLoad ++ 2014

This year the 7th HighLoad ++ 2014 conference will be held in late October – early November. It will be dedicated to high loaded systems. This meeting of programmers is becoming more and more popular every year. It is predicted that the main program will be attended by some 2 000 persons. This amount is a serious bid for the title of the largest IT-conference in Europe.


It is expected that approximately 80 reports will be announced this year. In the first turn the reports will be interesting to programmers who are engaged in high load projects: databases, storage systems, scalable architecture, system administration and many others. In general, those who are “in the loop” will enjoy it.

Currently the following reports at HighLoad ++ 2014 are confirmed:

The list of participants is still specified. But the conference will surely be very interesting. The experts from EvoPlay will certainly participate in it. This chance must not be missed!