26.12.2014 Happy New Year 2015!

Dear friends!

The outgoing year was uneasy, but certainly full of defining moments for each of us. Together with you we’ve achieved important strides, made new steps and climbed new stairs. There were enough reasons to worry but none of them was able to outshine the result that our team has achieved thanks to you!


Looking back on the year we always remember the most important things that happened during last twelve months and size future prospects. In the new 2015 EvoPlay is going to reach even bigger heights and produce some really unique projects of its own production. Some ideas are already in the hands of our best developers and, therefore, they will attain escapeless success.

As we approach New Year’s Eve and Christmas we tender our congratulations and wish each and one of you evolution and prosperity. Let peace and reconciliation be enthroned in the hearts of your beloved ones, let your wealth grow steadily and confidently and let luck always go side by side with you. Next year will certainly be better, happier and more successful!

Happy New Year, dear friends!

01.09.2014 EvoPlay Site Update

Congratulations to all EvoPlay employees with the launch of a new site of our company! The programmers and designers have done an impressive volume of work in a very short period and managed to create what you see now. We are confident that the new website better reflects our style, purpose and scale.


The updated site will be the most objective and accurate source of information about our activities. It will help potential employees and partners to get the most complete and accurate information that will undoubtedly be a strong argument in our favor.

The new site offers interesting and beneficial prospects and has a positive impact on our image. After all, no serious IT-company can do without its own online information resource.

At this website one can find a lot of interesting things: learn the history of EvoPlay, see the list of partners, our products, current vacancies and many others.

30.08.2014 Conference HighLoad ++ 2014

This year the 7th HighLoad ++ 2014 conference will be held in late October – early November. It will be dedicated to high loaded systems. This meeting of programmers is becoming more and more popular every year. It is predicted that the main program will be attended by some 2 000 persons. This amount is a serious bid for the title of the largest IT-conference in Europe.


It is expected that approximately 80 reports will be announced this year. In the first turn the reports will be interesting to programmers who are engaged in high load projects: databases, storage systems, scalable architecture, system administration and many others. In general, those who are “in the loop” will enjoy it.

Currently the following reports at HighLoad ++ 2014 are confirmed:

The list of participants is still specified. But the conference will surely be very interesting. The experts from EvoPlay will certainly participate in it. This chance must not be missed!

12.08.2014 Conference for front-end developers Odessa JS

At Black Sea coast, Odessa – a conference for the front-end developers Odessa JS took place on July 5-6, 2014. It was attended by the representatives of leading Ukrainian IT-companies, which also include EvoPlay.


While thousands of tourists warmed their bodies on the beaches of Odessa, front-end developers and layout designers acquired new knowledge and improved their skills. Conference participants received two days of fruitful communication on technical topics and listened to presentations of the speakers who are experts in their fields. Of course, attending all the lectures was impossible, so I had to choose, and I really had what to choose from, because people discussed the following topics:

In addition, the conference was notable not only due to the reports, but also due to workshops where one can try out and master the acquired knowledge.

Speakers at Odessa JS said many interesting things. Although it was sometimes hard going, but in general overall level of the conference was very high this year. In addition, it took place in a building located just a 5-minute walk from the beach, where one could fully relax and recover after intense mental activity.