EvoPlay purchased Clonefish. What is there to expect?

The international company EvoPlay has officially announced its purchase of one of the Ukrainian IT market players, Clonefish. As a result of this transaction, Clonefish has become a part of the international company EvoPlay. The newly created team sees its first priority tasks to be preservation of high quality standards of its products and the development of a detailed plan for the implementation of new IT projects. Clonefish began operation in the information technologies market in 2007. The main direction…

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Positive results from participation in the eCom21 forum

The second half of the XX century saw the beginning of the true monetary revolution. It was gathering speed slowly at first, but there is no stopping it now. Electronic money has become an important element of the world financial system. However the rapid development of electronic commerce gave rise to lots of questions and challenges. Many of them have been discussed at the conference eCom21 which was held in Riga on November 13-14, 2014. This time eCom21 was attended…

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The ad:tech conference in New York

Every year, the world sees an immense number of conferences dedicated to Internet advertising and digital marketing, but only a few of them can boast the large scale and considerable influence. The ad:tech conference is just one of such events. It is the ground for large companies and notable representatives of Internet marketing and media to discuss new ideas and demonstrate positive examples and advanced experience in the field of interactive marketing. The conference was held on November 5-6, 2014…

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The conference Inside Bitcoin: Modern realities and prospects of the Bitcoin crypto currency

The conference Inside Bitcoin held on September 15-16, 2014 in London was dedicated to the present-day reality and prospects for development of the crypto currency Bitcoin. At the moment, bitcoins produce controversial reactions in the business community and financial circles, but their potential cannot be underestimated. In spite of the fact that the conference has been held for the first time, it was attended by bitcoin enthusiasts from over 15 countries as well as representatives of banks and business interested…

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EvoPlay Site Update

Congratulations to all EvoPlay employees with the launch of a new site of our company! The programmers and designers have done an impressive volume of work in a very short period and managed to create what you see now. We are confident that the new website better reflects our style, purpose and scale. The updated site will be the most objective and accurate source of information about our activities. It will help potential employees and partners to get the most…

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Conference HighLoad ++ 2014

This year the 7th HighLoad ++ 2014 conference will be held in late October – early November. It will be dedicated to high loaded systems. This meeting of programmers is becoming more and more popular every year. It is predicted that the main program will be attended by some 2 000 persons. This amount is a serious bid for the title of the largest IT-conference in Europe. It is expected that approximately 80 reports will be announced this year. In…

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Conference for front-end developers Odessa JS

At Black Sea coast, Odessa – a conference for the front-end developers Odessa JS took place on July 5-6, 2014. It was attended by the representatives of leading Ukrainian IT-companies, which also include EvoPlay. While thousands of tourists warmed their bodies on the beaches of Odessa, front-end developers and layout designers acquired new knowledge and improved their skills. Conference participants received two days of fruitful communication on technical topics and listened to presentations of the speakers who are experts in…

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